Horseteopathy :: Equine Osteopathy, Osteopath Treatment for Horses

The McGregor Body Adjustment®
Horses are not treated under sedation with this method of osteopathy. Equine behavioural techniques are employed which allows treatment to occur without sedation.

Any areas of stiffness are treated, as found, by stretching, articulation and adjustments. In particular, any restrictions found in the hip and thoraco-lumbar regions and opposite poll are released by adjustment. Releasing these areas is an attempt to ensure that the diagonal limb placement that is so crucial to perfect equine movement can occur in an unimpeded way.

It is easy to take on board that hind limb movement is affected by stiffness in the low back, pelvis and hip, but realising that restrictions in the poll will affect forelimb placement might not be so easy to understand. This occurs as a result of strong muscular connections between the poll and the shoulder. Free flowing head and neck movement is essential for free shoulder and forelimb movement.